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About Be.True & Gin

During the Fall of 2005, Gin Bartlett took a bold leap into the design world, when she introduced a line of jewelry that has been described as both contemporary and chic. Her unique designs have transcended the style spectrum and expressed her inimitable personality. Each piece is distinctive and hand crafted to provide both style and elegance to any occasion.

 After graduating from college with a business degree, Gin’s stepfather passed away unexpectedly. As an escape from her loss, she began designing jewelry. Gin found immediate success selling her pieces though trunk shows and also by word of mouth. This led her to continue her passion for jewelry design, which she has dedicated to her stepfather’s love for life. As I believe Shakespeare put it: “To thy own self be true and it follows, like the night the day, you can’t be false to any man.” Be.True was formed from my being true to myself!

 Gin first began her formal training through mentors and then through classes at HGMS (Houston Gem and Mineral Society) where she studied traditional silversmithing and still remains an active member. Now, with a team of trained metalsmiths and a passion for designing and taking risks, Gin has taken on the jewelry and fashion industry full force. Her designs can be found nation wide in boutiques, specialty stores, and museums. She credits her success to staying true to herself and to the amazing support of her friends, family, and co-workers.

 The signature Be.True Collection boasts a special combination of corrugated shapes with bezel set semi-precious and precious stones with various styles and widths of gold-ridged, brass, or oxidized distinctive chains.  Gin also uses exotic and rare stones that make people, as she explains, “use a different perception to what jewelry can be made with, and allows people to make their own statement by either layering my delicate yet unique pieces, or wear one of my edgy statement pieces. I like to use stones that no one knows how or where to obtain them. This allows for a sense of ambiguity. One of these, for example, is a hand carved Black Onyx Druzy Leaf Necklace, extremely rare and one-of-a-kind that makes people think how and where did she get that? I love that kind of reaction.” Also, Gin loves evoking the senses for her designs using colors and textures that tell a story.  This allows each of her pieces to emerge as a special and classic combination. The appeal of her jewelry is evident as they are worn by many celebrities and seen in national magazines.

 Gin is also committed to improving the quality of the environment. Because of the success of her “Go Green” necklace, she has incorporated a new line of jewelry made entirely of Recycled Gold and Silver, which was launched for the Fall 2008. She still brings her exclusiveness to each design with recycled charms and chains along with different color gold such as rose, green, and cobalt blue and will use more edgy chains that consist of black and oxidized silver, and all have been made of recycled materials. This enables her to help charities that are close to her heart such as the Earth Day Network. It will further her efforts to draw attention to the problem we face on planet Earth.

Gin’s true goal is to create a piece of jewelry that can be worn anytime, anywhere, yet still remain a treasure forever. “Whenever I see someone’s face light up after wearing a piece of my jewelry, I know that I am truly living my dream”

Thanks for your continued support!