"be" Bracelet


'What does "be" stand for?  The word "be" is associated with our company name, Be.True, as I believe Shakespeare put it: “To thy own self be true and it follows, like the night the day, you can’t be false to any man.”   Be.True believes in 'giving back' and helping different Charities and Non-Profit Organizations.  With the "be" Campaign we have made a Signature Recycled Tag Necklace with a Single Black Diamond and a Cuff Bracelet with the word "be" carved out.  Using these two products, we plan to make a difference, for example using our "Go Green" Campaign.  Every month we will choose a Charity or Non-Profit group to 'give back' to with the proceeds from each sale of the Necklace and Cuff Bracelet.  WE truly want to make a difference and wish to carry this Campaign forward indefinitely!  Every time you purchase a Signature "be" product, proceeds will be donated to that Charity or Non-Profit group in your name.  WE will change who we donate to monthly, so if you have any ideas or something that is close to your heart, feel free to email or call us!  With Be.True and our wonderful clients, we all will make a difference...  Thank you!

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